Starting Over


Sometimes we have to take a break from training and our fitness routines. Whether you’re a CrossFitter, bodybuilder, powerlifter, weightlifter, etc.; work and life may get in the way and we have to take a week off, or a month off from our regular training. More than a week, and we start to feel like we’ve lost our so-called “gains.” More than a month, and it feels like we’re back to zero. There’s going to be some regression and it should be expected. The longer we disappear from the gym, the more we regress. But sometimes, taking a break is unavoidable. Breaks and rests are needed so we can allow our body to endure the long term physical stress that training brings. It is key in lowering the risk of injuries. It also allows our brain to rest from the mental strain of working out too much. Yes, working out too much does affect our brain. Overtraining is a reality, especially for competitive athletes. In this case, breaks become a necessity.16601614_1229443783843710_3831168794742738070_oWe never lose it all. In most cases, our strength and overall fitness comes back quite rapidly once we’ve had a week or two of training again. A lot will depend on how long our break was and how hard we train. But the idea that we can never get back the “gains” we lost is a fallacy. It is this belief that makes it hard for people to get back and start over. Oftentimes, people struggle and they quit. I’ve seen countless people make incredible progress, whether their goal was to lose weight or get stronger; only to lose motivation after a summer vacation. It became harder for them to “start over” again, and instead of getting back in the gym, they just quit altogether. As coaches, we need to remind our athletes that it’s not all downhill from here. They can get back up after a fall. Sometimes all they need is to hear their coach affirm this. At PR City, we strive to give as much confidence as we can to our members. They need to be constantly reminded that they CAN do this! So go ahead and take that much needed vacation your body has been demanding. Go ahead and enjoy life! Your “gains” aren’t lost forever. You can get them back. All you need to do is get back inside the gym. 20160522_121204