Rumble in the Jungle 2017


Nothing brings a CrossFit community together like an old-fashioned competition, and this past weekend, we celebrated PR City CF's 1st Year Anniversary with Rumble in the Jungle 2017! Our very first in-box competition. We started with 3 teams led by Coach Nolan, Coach Jumbo and Coach Raymond. Each team fielded 3 athletes into the RX division and the rest went to the Scaled division. While this is an individual comp, each athlete's score was added to their team's overall score to produce a Team Score for that workout. After 4 workouts, we would determine the King of the Jungle. P_20170114_134522 The first event was a Squat Clean Pyramid, with the reps descending and the weights ascending. The second event was a 9 minute AMRAP of Pull Ups and Thrusters. The third event was 21-15-9 reps of increasing Deadlifts and Lateral Burpees Over Bar; and the fourth and final event was one round of HSPU, Wall Balls and Box Jump Overs. Congratulations to Team Jumbo Hot Dog for winning the day. Their team was composed of Coach Jumbo, Bea Quitiquit, Fausto Fernandez, Fermin Fernandez, Neil Rivera, Jonathan Larrazabal, Tyrone Ty, Tiffany Batungbacal, and Ting Valdez.


Truth be told, for us coaches, seeing the all-out effort and camaraderie displayed by our athletes, proved that everyone was victorious. We saw Community over Competition on this day. We saw athletes from different teams cheer each other on. We saw PRs being broken. We saw commitment and hard work in full display. We saw a community united in fitness. This is PR City. Welcome to the City! #MakeFitHappen #PRCityCF #WelcometoPRCity #PReveryday RUMBLEJUNGLE2017-results2-1 RUMBLEJUNGLE2017-results2-2