Recap of The Fittest Team 2017 Championships


The dust has settled and we have time to reflect on our past performance on the recent Fittest Team 2017 Championships. Our Panther family has come out victorious, taking home the prestigious Affiliate Cup. The cup is symbolic of the hard work of our athletes, coaches and is a testament to our box programming and our supportive community. Six Panther teams were able to qualify, tied for most with Primal Ape CrossFit in Makati. Qualifying that many teams is an achievement by itself, but being able to score points enough to win the Affiliate Cup, is whole 'notha beast. While none of our teams placed on the podium, our community had enough teams finish just outside of the Top 3 to score enough points to amass the largest point total amongst all the CrossFit boxes and gyms that joined. received_10155365658553369 PR City CrossFit won the Affiliate Cup with a total of 303 points, the next closest team was Primal Ape CrossFit with 256 pts. If there ever was an award that truly encompasses how supportive and competitive your fitness community is, the Affiliate Cup or the Community Cup would be it. This is the only contest locally where we tally the scores scored by each fitness team and determine which box is the baddest. _LIT6086 We are beaming with pride, but are humbled by this victory. We are excited because this is not a medal awarded to a few athletes, but a trophy shared by everyone, not just the competitors, but also by the coaches and our support group. This is what PR City CrossFit is all about. This is what it means to be in Panther Nation. We're stoked to end the year on a high note, and wait in anticipation for the CrossFit competition season to start back up again in February 2018. Cheers! received_10155365622748369 received_10155365658728369 _LIT7258 (Written by: Coach Jason M.)