Leap of Faith: The Story of a PR City Athlete


My fitness journey's not a pleasant one, but it's totally worth it. About 8 months ago, I decided to join CrossFit for the reason that I wanted to boost my self esteem. You see, all the people around me started criticizing my weight and they even compared me with other women from my family. As a result, I became depressed and lost all my self confidence. It came to a point wherein I didn't go to any family reunions, because I knew they would start criticizing me. It was really painful. And one day, I realized that nothing will happen to me if I just loom over it. I knew that nobody could help me but myself. WODs were excruciatingly painful (not scaring you), and there were times that I wanted to cry and give up, but I didn't. Big thanks to my coaches and my boxmates, they were the ones who motivated and encouraged me to keep pushing myself. (They've all become my second family. Thank you guys! My day is not complete without seeing all of you. Hahaha.) I was so surprised with how my body could cope with all the workouts and how my body can be a machine itself. I have not only lost inches, I also gained sexy muscles, a lot of confidence, and a second family! This may not be as huge a difference as other fitness journeys, but I just want to share to everyone who's struggling that it's possible. It is possible to get fit, stay healthy, and boost your self esteem. So don't feel down, all you need to do is to get up, get out of your comfort zone, and get started. You are stronger than you think; keep pushing forward!!! Strong is the new sexy! Let's go! P.S. Malaki pa rin yung pata ko, but I love it! HAHAHA!