Featured Athlete of the Month: Bianca Timbol



Ever since Denz and I started dating, we’d always bond over food. He’d pick me up to eat, hang out somewhere we could grab a bite, go out to lunch or merienda with our friends, watch a movie then have dinner after, etc. Basta, LAGING MAY PAGKAIN. I mean hello, what’s better than falling in love with a person while falling in love with food too.


Anyway, that was our routine. Kind of unhealthy but hey, we were happy. Fast forward to about a year, there we were, such fatties indulging ourselves in whatever food we thought of, I got pregnant which in my head gave me more of an excuse to eat whatever the hell I wanted!

After giving birth to our son, Caleb, I was unhappy. I wasn't used to seeing myself that huge. Neither was my husband, I mean, he kinda gained some baby weight too if ya know what I mean 🐖😂 So together we decided we wanted to become healthier and that’s what we did.

Now, food is still part of our bonding but it isn't the only thing we do anymore. We fell in love with CrossFit together! We found a hobby we both love doing that keeps us stronger and happier. Not to mention we gained so many friends during the process that we actually look forward going to the gym not just for the workouts but for the community too. (love ya, PR City CF) 😘😘


(Written by: Bianca T.)