Confessions of a Bulimic


At a very young age when I hit puberty I was constantly bullied because I was chubby, and I didn’t fit the image of what people thought or perceived as sexy. Every time I see my certain set of cousins/friends they would always say “You got fatter” ,“ You look chubbier”, “You gained weight”, “Maganda ka sana chubby ka lang”, “ I think you should lose weight” and a whole lot more. I was always insecure of how I looked and weighed. I was depressed. I felt ugly and fat all the time. Later on during 2013 I joined Mutya ng Davao, during this contest I was constantly told to lose weight because my ass was too big and my structure was not the typical pageant form. I had hips, and I had curves. It triggered my GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and I became somewhat bulimic. Take note during this time, I was already working for RCBC. I was a part time personal trainer and a full time Zumba instructor this just shows how powerful words are and how they affect people. Even if I already knew the difference of each of the body types and what fitness is, I became depressed; I hardly ate anything. 11041516_1063172897035132_4859456482267498544_n My then boyfriend (now my husband), kept on reminding me that this was my chance to make a difference. Then the time came when we had to do a proposal for our “community project” that was when I decided to present a case to educate people, especially women about Fitness, and to change the perception that being thin implies that you are sexy, to empower them to love their own body no matter what shape. CrossFit helped me achieved my goals, to learn to love my body structure and have made me realize what my big thighs were for, what my body is capable of doing, it gave me friends who became family that encourage me and help me through my body issues and constantly give me emotional, mental and spiritual support. Coaches who guide me and teach me how to do my Workout of the Day properly and always support me, push me on when I think I can’t do anymore and never give up on me. 1620664_753760814643010_161295331_n Now I eat everything in moderation and I am proud to say that my GERD no longer acts up and that I am no longer kind of “bulimic”! I work out and yes even if I am a flight attendant, I make time because there is time! I enjoy my life, I love my body even if it does not conform to what other people think is sexy. I AM STRONG, I AM CONSTANTLY IMPROVING, I AM FIT, and yes I AM HAPPY!! It’s not about how bad you want it, it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it…I ain’t there yet…but i’m closer than I was yesterday. Thank you PR City CF for changing my life, my habits, for giving me the opportunity to make a difference not just in my life but in others as well….and for constantly making me a better athlete…no, a better person!!! PS: and if you were wondering, yes the “chubby” girl did win a crown and several awards with it 😉 (Written by: Stephanie Collado)